Oh, fuck money!

Seriously, guys, like probably most humans, I have a love/hate relationship with money. When I have enough, I rest easier, I sleep better, and I am in better spirits during the day. Then, when I don’t have enough money, I feel frustrated. I feel upset! I feel depressed.  

When I bought this domain, it was mostly just because I have a character named Oaf Huck, and “oh, fuck money,” is definitely a thing people say. But as I sit here handling a separate task on this domain, I figured I’d take the opportunity to put this microphone to use.

For a love/hate relationship that I am forced to be in, it sure feels heavily balanced toward hate! But when I love it, I do love it so. Oh, fuck money! What I hate the most is HOW MUCH it affects my life. If nothing else, that alone is worth saying “Oh, fuck money!”

Oaf Huck, clumsily holding money, is subtly saying, "Oh, fuck money!"

Seriously, I’m broke right now. Go buy a shirt! Or go look at other cracked out internet URLs that are fun to say outload when you have a character named Oaf Huck.